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The ADA gives people with disabilities the ability to evolve. Because of the ADA, people with disabilities have the ability to evolve for a brighter future.

If it were not for the ADA, I would not be where I am at now. We would still be discriminated every day, even though we still are now, at times. Plus, the ADA gives people with physical disabilities the physical access they need to be fully involved in life.

With me, it gave me the ability to go to school and get a proper education with accommodations. It also gave us our civil rights to where we will not be discriminated in any way. It also gave us the opportunity for, and accommodations in employment, to which I know I am very thankful.

The ADA is the foundation upon which House Bill 400 is built. It is our legislative initiative to ensure that young people with disabilities get opportunities for part-time and summer jobs that create a foundation for successful employment and careers after high school. We know that employers are ready to hire young people with disabilities. They need the vital experience of part-time and summer jobs while they are in high school. Then they will be equipped for fulfilling jobs in the integrated work force. HB 400 is the connection to put all of these together.

By William Del Toro Vagas
#IWantToWork Lead Legislative Advocate

(As we celebrate a quarter century of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the #IWantToWork campaign is proud of our inspirational staff. These four young adults show every day that living with a disability does not have to be a barrier to being a successful, contributing member of society. This is the last of four reflections from our staff, coordinated by Alexa Brill, Communications Associate.)


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