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Like many artists, Steven enjoys working on his personal projects, like drawing in his comic books. It was his dream to find employment where he could continue to do the thing he loves: draw.

Community Integrated Services (CIS) worked with Steven to find him a traditional employment opportunity in an integrated competitive workplace. Because of Steven’s love of drawing, his job coach decided to test his artistic ability to see if he could have a viable career as an artist. They discovered his drawings were stunning.

CIS pulled out all the stops to bring Steven’s dreams into a reality. First, they secured him a proper work space that would help him focus his ideas. The organization then matched him with someone from CIS who shared his passion for comic books. They then developed a working relationship with independent publishers that could bring his comic books to life.

The publishers needed to work with Steven to develop a business plan and distribution strategy. CIS helped Steven develop his connections within the comic book community and now his comic books are sold at several comic book stores, and he regularly sells his work at comic book conventions.

Thanks to CIS, Steven is fulfilling his dream and showing the world that a little determination can go a long way.

To learn more about CIS and read their success stories, visit their website.

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By Lewis Hall
Social Media Community Manager
Business Outreach Specialist
#IWantToWork Campaign

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