Matthew Berwick

A Decade of Work in Disability Services

Matthew BerwickMatthew Berwick currently serves as the Program Manager, Disability Accommodations in Clinical Services for UPMC Health System in the Disabilities Resource Center and teaches part-time at the University of Pittsburgh. Matthew has worked in the area of disability services for almost a decade, serving on local, state, and national boards for people with disabilities; he currently serves as the President of the United Spinal Association of Western PA. Prior to joining UPMC, Matthew worked in higher education and as a Youth Specialist focusing on youth transition services. Matthew has a B.A. in Elementary Education, and an M.A. in Adult Learning and Training. In addition to the work Matthew does, he is very active in the Pittsburgh disability sports community and advocates for people with disabilities.

Matthew believes that employment legislation is important because of the amount of independence it brings to people with disabilities. When you first meet someone the first three questions are: “What is your name?,” “Where are you from?,” and “What do you do for work? Matthew feels people with disabilities aren’t expected to work by the general public and the general public often avoids questions about occupation with people with disabilities; the changes in PA regarding employment of people with disabilities – especially the changes to Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD) – will change the landscape of employment. Matthew is looking forward to a more inclusive work environment for all and seeing more people with disabilities in meaningful, gainful employment. He is personally excited for more opportunities and career advancement now that it is possible with the changes to MAWD.

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