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I was proud to support Gingrich/Baker Bill HB400 last week when it was voted out of the House Labor and Industry Committee. The “Work Experience for High School Students with Disabilities Act” would help kids with disabilities get the support they need to land jobs after graduation.

Many students with disabilities who graduated from high school are able to work at competitive employment in integrated settings. These students can successfully enter the job market, but they must receive job readiness skill training and supported work experience while in school.

Gingrich/Baker Bill HB400 would designate the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) in the Department of Labor and Industry as the lead agency responsible for developing connections between local education agencies and employers to promote the successful transition from school to competitive, gainful employment.

The OVR would work with local education agencies and other public agencies such as county mental health programs to develop individual educational plans for high school students with disabilities. It would ensure job readiness skill training is included in such plans where appropriate.

The OVR would also arrange for, monitor, and support the placement of high school students with disabilities in internships, on-the-job training and full- or part-time jobs in integrated settings with private and public sector employers.

The bill is now in position to be considered by the House of Representatives.

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  • June 19, 2015 Reply


    I’m a regular guy with a liltte disability such as having too much on my mind. I’m not a good test taker and I’m able to work. I’m training to become an electrician.Do people with disabilities have more advantages when it comes to high paying jobs, such as the electrical trade for example?

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