Josie Badger

For a person with a disability, career success, marriage, and having a savings was a dream … until now.

On April 1, 2023 opportunities are going to change for Pennsylvanians with disabilities when Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities: Workers with Job Success takes effect.

Until now I had to restrict my earnings.

Until now I was scared to get legally married.

Until now I save for an unexpected emergency.

Until now I could not see retirement as a possibility

On April 1, 2023 working Pennsylvanians with disabilities (who had been on basic Medical Assistance For Workers With Disabilities for at least a year) will be able to enter into a new category called Workers With Job Success. With increased earnings over the current of 250% federal poverty level (with the typical Medicaid disregards) people with disabilities will be able to earn up to 600% of the federal poverty limit and have unlimited assets.

For me, this means a work life without fear, the choice to get legally married, and the ability to be prepared for the future. It means everything.

To learn more, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services on Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities: Workers with Job Success FAQ.

By Dr. Josie Badger, #IWantToWork Campaign Manager



  • March 23, 2023 Reply

    Julie Leckenby

    I am so proud of you for helping the disability community. It amazes me to see this transpire, I know that it will effect so many individuals in a positive way! All the very best to you, Dr. Josie!!
    Julie Leckenby

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